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Fixed Asset Management Solution

Ev-Ry Infotech Solutions Fixed Asset Management Solutions, otherwise known as FAMS; is our top to bottom solutions for organisations, corporate bodies, government agencies etc as long as proper record keeping of fixed assets management is concerned. FAMS comes with different levels or phases, so depending on the needs of an organisation, your fixed assets management is achievable.

Inventory Management Solution

Managing your inventory in your departmental stores or warehouse is an important aspect of everyday business. Our inventory management solutions are top notch and up to speed with current conditions and situations in the industry.

Fixed Assets & Product Management Software

EvRy Infotech Solutions understand the need of organisations to acquire excellent product solutions with the need to be prudent with organisational cost and expenses; that is why our partners in the industry provides off the shelf software that will excellently serve the needs of our client, so as to save our clients the cost of spending so much on software application customization.

Barcode Consumable

Our barcode consumables ranging from Thermal Label stickers and tag, to various types of ribbons (depending on what type of thermal labels are used), are of high quality with the most competitive prices in the industry. Any type of thermal labels from paper, polyester waterproof, metal, anodized, ceramic, weather or chemical adherent; we can provide, in any shape or size.

Barcode Printers

We offer the most durable and rugged, easy to use and maintain, long life lasting barcode label printers. In various shapes, size and form factors, our barcode printers come in Industrial and Desktop versions, specifically to suit the needs of our clients.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners come in various shapes, sizes and purposes. Barcode scanners also come in 1D and 2D scan technologies. Whichever serves your needs, EvRy Infotech Solutions has got your back.

Scanners (Wired & Mobile)

Depending on the needs of our client, barcode scanners are in various variances; wired scanners, wireless or bluetooth scanners.

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers integrated with a barcode scanner is yet another barcode scanner type, only more advanced. With the functionality of a mobile computer, fixed asset or product registers can be on the device while verification exercise or day to day inventory activities is carried out, providing ease of being able to move around into multiple locations or areas.


As an IT solution based company, EvRy Infotech Solutions can serve your needs when it comes to top notch excellent laptops and computers, be it for work or pleasure.

Fixed Assets Management Solutions

Barcoding Consumables

Inventory Management Solutions

Barcode Printers

Fixed Assets & Product Management Softwares

Barcode Scanners

Scanners (mobile & wired)

Mobile computer


// we supply barcoding consumables which includes adhesive labels and ribbons

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